Il diritto è l’arte di ciò che è giusto ed equo
– Celso

The Law Firm

The Firm carries out its activity in judicial and extrajudicial matters, in the main areas of law, in favor of both
private individuals and leading companies operating in the commercial, corporate, real estate, agricultural and wine, banking, insurance, financial, tourism, transport, etc…
The lawyer Federica Barone Bombagli is registered in the list of lawyers at the US Consulate General – District of Florence – and is part of the small list of professionals accredited by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates.

Through its national and international partners,
you have a dense network of relationships and professional connections
in Italy and abroad.
The Owner of the Firm has an excellent knowledge of the English language (spoken and written) and also provides “personalized” assistance to foreign Clients.

The Firm is located inside the historic “Palazzo Bichi Borghesi (year 1500)” in Via dei Termini at no. 6 – near the very central P.zza Indipendenza and 50 meters from Piazza del Campo


The titular lawyer of this Law Firm is graduated in law with full marks and honours at the University of Siena discussing an original and actual graduation thesis about New Economy. From the second half of 1997 to 1998, She attended courses of International Relations, Trade Law, Business Law and European Union Law at the University of Westminster in London where She passed her examinations with flying colours. At the School of languages, at the above mentioned University of Westminster, She attended a course of Speaking Skills improving her knowledge of English language. For her biennium of tirocinium She practised the legal profession in favour of one of the most qualified legal firms of the Sienese Law Society. Up to October 2002 She was Assistant-professor at the University of Siena with the full-professor of Political Economics, Vittorio Carnesecchi. She also is the legal adviser and the attorney of several Italian Firms and Farms producing the most vintage wines of the Chianti Classico.

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Practice Areas

National and International Contracts.

The Lawyer Federica Barone Bombagli is registered in the List of trusted Attorneys of the U.S.A. General Consulate – Consular District of Florence – and is among the professionals accredited by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates.
Thanks to the excellent knowledge of the English language, spoken and written, of all the staff and to these important professional qualifications of the founder, the Law Firm, in addition to dealing with the ordinary branches of Italian law, has acquired specialized skills in various areas not only of the civil, commercial and international corporate law, but also of international contracts, becoming a reference point not only for important individuals or companies wishing to invest in Italy, but also for leading Italian companies operating in foreign markets.
The Law Firm also provides legal advice and assistance for the establishment of new companies both in Italy and abroad, being able, through consolidated international partnerships with experts in various sectors and based in different countries, to offer internationalization services for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for new entrepreneurs, and start-ups who wish to internationalize their presence in the global market.

Italian and International Real Estate Sales – Luxury Real Estate and Farmhouse – Legal Advice and Assistance for Participation in Auctions in the context of compulsory judicial sales procedures.

The Law Firm is a reference point for Italian and International individuals and companies who want to buy, sell or restore luxury properties, farms, wineries or agricultural lands – especially vineyards – in the most prestigious areas or designations of origin.
The wide range of services offered in real estate purchisings and sales is reflected in the constant legal advice and assistance through which the Law Firm staff supports costumer’s needs in the business transaction the client want to carry out, both in the pre-contractual and contractual phases, from due diligence to negotiation and to eventual search for financial resources through work of partners specialized in the financial system, until the purchase (possibly at the judicial auction), up to restoration and, sometimes, up to the sale to third parties.
The Law Firm staff draws up (mainly in English, but also in German, Spanish and French) all the necessary contracts, “tailor-made” according to client’s specific needs, form the purchase proposal to the preliminary contract, up to the final deed of purchising or sale, passing from tender contracts and subcontracts for restorations of the properties.

Agricultural and Wine Law

For over twenty years in the context, the Law Firm has consolidated specific competence in the various branches of agricultural and wine law, in favor of important producers of Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello. The advice and the assistance that Law Firm offers in this particular area concerns not only agricultural contracts, exercise of the right of agrarian pre-emption and land redemption, compensation for improvements, additions and conversions, sale and rental of rustic land, out-of-court assistance to attempts at conciliation, assistance in litigation before the Specialised Sections of the competent Courts) but it is also aimed at finding the best organization models for pre-existing agricultural companies or for the setting up of new agricultural companies, the administration and management of company assets and land, access to funding and contributions, as well as benefits and tax breaks in agriculture and food certification procedures, the stipulation of supply chain agreements and assistance in national and international contracts for the placement of the product on the markets, in addition to various legal aspects, from the production and marketing of the products, up to the legal guidelines for labeling and packaging. The Law Firm therefore deals with a multidisciplinary subject – which finds its sources not only in national regulations, but also and above all in EU regulations and international treaties – whose mastery also requires skills in the international, administrative, civil and criminal law, as well as constant updating, given that both Community and national regulations in this area are constantly evolving.

National and International Trademarks and Patents

The Firm provides legal advice and assistance, also strategic, for the naming and creation of the logo, as well as for the submitting of the applications for registration of the trademark or the patent at national, EU and international level to the competent offices and, if necessary, the Law Firm also manages any litigation phase for the protection of the trademark or the patent both in administrative and judicial proceedings before the specialized section for Companies of the competent Court. The Law Firm, thanks to the experience gained in this particular branch, is often involved in the creation and development of the “brand identity” of various production and commercial businesses related to the world of Wine, Beer and Oil and hotellerie.

National and International Testaments and Successions and Hereditary Divisions

The Law Firm provides legal advice and assistance both in the out-of-court context and during any litigation, supporting the client in every phase, (by way of example only and not exhaustive) for the testament’s drafting (even international), for the acceptance of the inheritance (with or without the benefit of inventory), for the declaration of succession (trought collaboration with a Notary), for the drafting of the eventual inventory, for the eventual sale of hereditary properties, in the giudicial action of hereditary division (both before mediation and conciliation authorities and before the competent Court), in the case of appeal against the will, the appointment of trustee of the lying nheritance and, more generally, in any other activity that may be necessary for the protection of the client’s rights and interests.

Family Law separations and Divorces of International Couples

The Law Firm’s staff offers careful and accurate legal advice and assistance for the proper management of the conflict within the “couple” (intended in the broadest sense of the term) with particular attention to the protection of the interests of children. The Law Firm deals with consensual or judicial separations and divorces, even between spouses of different nationalities, with the possibility of carry on these issues through an assisted negotiation procedure which, in some particular cases, supports the partners until they reach a separation or divorce agreement or a changing of the condition of separation or divorce already reached, without the necessity to go before the Judge.
The Law Firm also deals with Civil Unions and de facto couples, proceedings before the Tutelary Judge, legal advice and assistance in the establishment of patrimonial funds, Judicial denial or verification of paternity, recognition of natural children and protection of children born out of wedlock.

Italian and International Criminal Law

The Lawyer Federica Barone Bombagli is registered in the List of trusted Attorneys of the U.S.A. General Consulate – Consular District of Florence.
Thanks to this important professional qualification, the excellent knowledge of the English language, spoken and written, and a dense network of international relationship and partnership, the LawFirm is able to represent and assist foreign citizen in criminal proceedings arising from investigations carried out on international scale.
The cooperation with the diplomatic representatives and the knowledge of both italian and international criminal law and criminal procedural law, as well as the rules of international law in force in Europe and in relations with third Countries, is the key to obtain the best protection in cases of international relevance, as it happened recently in an important and intense case of extradition in execution of a international arrest warrant, resolved positively.


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