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The firm has his own activity to judicial and extrajudicial problems, mainly based in the principal right areas, in favour of private and primary companies operating in real estate, agricultural law, general civil and commercial practice, insolvency, corporate law, transport industries etc...

The firm through own national and international partners, has a good net of professional connections with the major legal firms worldwide.

The titular lawyer of this Law Firm can offer "personalised" counselling to foreign clients thanks her perfect knowing (talked and written) of English Language.


From  Monday  to  Friday:
from 10:00am    to 1:00pm
Tuesday and Wendnesday:
from 4:00pm    to 7:30pm
English fluently spoken.
By appointment only.


Monday and Thursday:
from 4:30pm    to 7:00pm
English fluently spoken.
By appointment only.

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